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Search for live chatlines from Fukuoka Phone Chat including Amagi and nearby cities, Tanushimarumachi-toyoki (8 km), Tosu (14 km), Chikushino-shi (15 km), Dazaifu (16 km), Kurume (17 km), Onojo (20 km), Umi (21 km), Kawasaki (25 km), Sasaguri (25 km), Iizuka (25 km), Tagawa (27 km), Hita (28 km), Kanzakimachi-kanzaki (29 km), Nakatsu (30 km), Fukuoka-shi (30 km), Miyata (33 km), Setakamachi-takayanagi (35 km), Nogata (36 km), Yanagawa (37 km), Saga-shi (37 km), Koga (38 km), Imaricho-ko (38 km), Shingu (38 km), Nishifukuma (41 km), Maebaru-chuo (41 km), Nakama (44 km), Tsuiki (44 km), Yukuhashi (45 km), Yamaga (45 km), Shiida (45 km), Omuta (47 km), Buzen (48 km).

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Results are based on a radius search of Amagi, Fukuoka with a Amagi center lookup of:
〒838 福岡県朝倉市甘木 甘木シール会(事)

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There are approximately 423 registered profiles from Amagi. Including surrounding areas of Tanushimarumachi-toyoki, Tosu, Chikushino-shi, Dazaifu, Kurume, Onojo, Umi, Kawasaki, Sasaguri, Iizuka, Tagawa, Hita, Kanzakimachi-kanzaki, Nakatsu, Fukuoka-shi, Miyata, Setakamachi-takayanagi, Nogata, Yanagawa, Saga-shi, Koga, Imaricho-ko, Shingu, Nishifukuma, Maebaru-chuo, Nakama, Tsuiki, Yukuhashi, Yamaga, Shiida, Omuta, Buzen, there are over 55,220 members and growing every day.